Quotes about Our Music, CDs and Concerts

“Beautiful songs, beautiful voice”
   –Pete Seeger, Folk Singer, Leader in Environmental, Civil Rights, Peace & Labor movements

“A repertoire with heart and conscience and a voice to die for”
Charlie King, Folk Singer

“A well-balanced blend of social satire and powerful introspection”
   –Howard Margolin, Destinies, WUSB Radio, New York

“Thanks for such great music…any more?”
   –Sonja Hedlund, Ballads & Banjos, WJFF Radio, New York

“Your songs are great!”
   –Blythe Danner, Tony and Emmy Award-Winning Actress, Global Warming & Health Care Activist

“I have to tell you how terrific you sounded last Sunday [at the climate change conference] in New York. You’re just a wonderful singer/performer — and provided a terrific injection of spirit, enthusiasm and lift!”
   –Ross Gelbspan, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author of Boiling Point and The Heat Is On

“Sharon and Michael, Thanks so VERY much for your gift of music at our party.  What a great ending.  I just LOVE “Wild, Wild River” ! When I got home I was packing for my trip so slipped on your CD’s. Fabulous.  Another favorite for me is “Empty Pockets”. You are both so talented — and exude love as you are singing. Yours is a delightful example of music that conveys positive values. Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us.”
–Frances F. Korten, Executive Director, The Positive Futures Network, publisher of YES! magazine

“You’re the Joan Baez of 2003!!”
–Frances F. Korten

“I LOVE your cd, listened to it repeatedly and will continue to do so. Muze will enter your cd into our database and our listing of it will probably then show up on in-store kiosks all over the country. Congrats again on your cd and thanks for giving it to Muze, and thanks for all you do for the world!”
   –Bill Delp, Classical Music Product Coordinator, Muze, Inc., www.muze.com

“I’d like to remind GHNers* and anyone else that Sharon Abreu has a wonderful set of songs about climate change–with wonderful lyrics that talk about all of these things–all sung with her beautiful voice. I encourage GHNers to contact Sharon and then try to get her on a tour of their part of the country–we are working on such a tour involving both climate change groups and Unity churches in Arizona and then will probably do one in Colorado. I encourage others to try to do the same in other parts of the country. Sharon is a real gem of a person, a storehouse of information on climate change and the activities of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, and is lots of fun to be with. If you contact her she can send lyrics and CDs of her songs–I recommend her highly.”
   –Leslie Glustrom, Green House Network*; Organizer, Climate Change & the West & Climate Change & Coal
conferences, Boulder, CO

“YEAH!!! BIG, BIG SMILE — I found the CD with the Change in the Climate song and I played it every time I was alone at work yesterday–and then sort of sang/dreamed it all night long–HOORAY–THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just keep singing the “sometimes I feel like I’m standing by myself, but I know we’re all in this together,” phrase–it really helps steady me!! So blessings to you for bringing that song into this world. Know that I love you–and thanks again for making the effort to be here–it was a wonderful gift!! Thanks for all your great work–and SONG. I do believe song is a big part of the solution for the future–Thanks for contributing your great talents to that end! Having great music to keep us going is a wondrous blessing!”
–Leslie Glustrom (see above)

“I continue to admire the high level of commitment and environmental concern demonstrated in the creative work of Sharon and Mike. Their music and message of caring for the earth shines in their artistic creations. The musical, “Penguins on Thin Ice”, brings in children and young people to participate and thus to be inspired in a life changing experience. Thank you, Sharon and Mike, for helping to raise our level of awareness in the health of our surroundings here on Planet Earth!”
   -Jevanna Toribio, Founder, The Celebration Foundation

“Hi, Sharon, Just thought I’d relate how much Tom Wysmuller likes your global warming song. He’s the meteorologist I had on the show; he mentioned your song at the slide show he just did for
Neighborhood Energy Network (NEN).”
   –Ken Gale, Host of “Eco-Logic”, WBAI Radio, NYC

I’m sitting here listening to your CD– I LOVE it! People loved your performance– lots of people said: “That singer, she was Really Good!”– and they were surprised to see someone playing violin and singing at the same time– people backstage were saying: “Wow, she can *really* sing!” and things like that. You are a dear person! So, wondering if we can invite you to sing here again?? I want to buy all your CDs — they will be great company as I sit here working, and will remind me of the wonderful person who is singing! Peace and a happy heart!  –Amy
   –Amy Hendrickson, Concert Coordinator, Boston, MA

“I’m glad you liked the article. By the way, I really enjoyed your songs. You have a great voice and the words were very creative.”
   –Michael Olson, head reporter at The Argus, Skagit Valley, WA newspaper

“Sharon – I can’t thank you enough for all your energy and time spent with us. Thanks again for everything. It was a blast working with you! In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the blog from SustainUs on our event:”  http://sustainusagents.blogspot.com/2006/05/nyc-high-school-students-sing-at-un.html
   –Geoff Hockert, Friends of the High School for Environmental Studies, following student 
      performance of “Penguins on Thin Ice” songs at the United Nations

“I want to congratulate you both for one of the best CDs that I have ever heard – good luck and USE IT!”
   –Carl Schwartz, former president, NYC Friends of Clearwater, former Board member,
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

“I’m calling to let you know how incredible it was when you sang tonight.  I was so moved by your voice – unbelievable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  You have an incredible gift – you move people’s spirits in an incredible way.  Thank you for sharing it.  Thank you so much.”
–Leslie Seaman, organizer, Music in the Park concert series, Eastsound, WA

“I co-MC’d the Green Party’s Day Six [peace] events at the Federal Bldg. in Seattle today and had the distinct pleasure of hearing Sharon Abreu. This woman can sing! I bought her CD and if she’s a tenth as good on digital format as she is in person, then this woman will cut through to the soul of any who listen to her (given they have a soul!). In a phrase – highly recommended. Please play some of her cuts on your show and be sure, if you can, to set a date for her to play your LR Concerts so I can get a chance to hear her up close and personal again. In Peace & Justice,”
–Steve Hamm, Seattle Green Party, in an email to Jennifer Kallen, KSER Radio

“So much love to a Lady whose voice is Liquid Light.”
   –Judith Skutch Whitson, Publisher of A Course in Miracles

“Sharon, You totally blew me away at Friday’s concert.  You are astounding. Geez…love is the only word that fits. Wow. Thank you very, very much for ALL you do.”
   –Greg Books, H.S. Biology & Environmental Science Teacher & Saxophonist

“My Sharon, it was good meeting you. I really felt great about your gift of music. I enjoyed the songs at the UN. Congrats, Sharon!!!!!! Now may I request you to send me the music CD. The CD will surely help our students in India. We are working with 200,000 students almost.”
   –Prema Chowallur, Delegate from India to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development

“I LOVE the Wangari Maathai song, and Wild River, and the Left Hand of God song! Your voices blend really well, I think- sort of like a French horn and a flute. Your music was one of the high points of the conference for me – including the Sufi Universal service. I hope we get to sing together again somewhere!
   –Rev. Jane Batt, Network of Spiritual Progressives conference in Washington, D.C.

“Hi there, I am helping coordinate an environmental awareness event in two weeks. I am putting a soundtrack together for songs to play throughout the day, and I was forwarded your website. We will certainly be discussing climate change issues, and your song “Beat the Heat” would be very appropriate to listen to. Is there a way I could purchase this song and have it sent digitally to me? …
Hey guys, I downloaded “Change in the Climate” and “Economology”; I will use both of these as I really like them. I was a member of the Youth Delegation [at the UN climate meeting] in Montreal, and a friend told me about your site. Listening to “Change in the Climate”, it reminded me of an article I wrote while in Montreal just published in our University newspaper. You can check out our event blogspot at http://ulethbeaware.blogspot.com. Thanks for your help and good luck with your work!  Robbie
   –Robert Larson, Student, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

“The concert was moving and beautiful, but your wisdom and graciousness to see and tie in Russel Barsh’s and my congruent efforts [for salmon recovery] made it even more profound. Russel’s offering you to attend a Samish potluck spoke volumes of how he perceived and recognized your power, spirit and contribution to his and the Samish Indian Nation’s efforts to recover the delicate ecosystem of their native homelands. It was a lovely evening and your beauty and grace still bring a smile
to my heart.  Thank you again.”
–Isabelle Athmann, Restoring the Estuary & Ecology of Deer Harbor, Deer Harbor, Wa.

“I love your CD! I really, really love the Taoist love song – it’s wonderful, it makes me laugh, it makes me smile, it makes me relax. Thank you!!”
–Dr. Minu Hemmati, Stakeholder Forum for Sustainable Development, Germany

“Your comment: “It’s all about coming together in love, and letting our individual lights shine on each other” is what appealed to me in your songs.”
–Steve Garvin, Irthlingz Volunteer

“I’ve listened to two of the CDs and loved ’em. Your voice is as clear as your messages!”
–Lisa Dekker, Sierra Club, Green House Network

“Dear Sharon, The work you’re doing to save our beautiful planet is so important! It was good to learn of your music and to get the chance to meet you. After hearing your song about Wangari Maathai, I came across a wonderful article about her in “Caribbean Life,” a small weekly newspaper in Brooklyn. Her beautiful smile leapt out at me from the paper, and I have you to thank for introducing her work to me in such a meaningful way, lifting up her name in song with other joyful voices.
I am indeed enjoying your “Seeking Sanctuary” CD very much. I just now played it through again in order to be able to tell you which track was my favorite, but I can’t decide. I find myself moving along with the music and humming along. Right now I’m bopping along to “Wild Wild River” and marveling at your amazing piano and violin and voice. … As I walked up the stairs that evening at Metropolitan Community Church and heard you with Rick and Andy doing the sound check with “Wild Mountain Thyme”, it felt like entering heaven. They do a beautiful job singing it, but your voice and violin added something unearthly. What a blessing to have found out about you! Never stop what you’re doing. Best wishes for peace with justice on our beautiful mother earth!  Georgia”
   –Georgi Guida, a new fan in New York City

“Dear Shar and Mike, Your singing and music are really really compelling and just powerful. I wonder if you two really know just how talented and forceful (in a GOOD way) you two are. Alone or singing and playing together, you guys are a force to be reckoned with, and your message cannot be ignored!! Your songs need to get out there, where they can do not only good for you two, but for our nation as a whole. It’s artists like yourselves, that keep the stories straight, and sing the songs. The line continues down, through people like you guys…don’t give up!! There ARE people out in the world who need to hear your words, and your music. They certainly are NOT going to hear it on the mainstream! You two have an awesome talent, but, also an awesome responsibility, to share it. I am sure that can bring you some sleepless nights sometimes. Not to mention just plain old fashioned STRESS!!! You guys are so special. Blessings, Jaimie”
   – Jaimie Rankin, Irthlingz Board Member, Orcas Island, WA.

“Both of you have such wonderful spirits. You can just feel the love. Thanks for making our event so special. It was magical.”
   –Carol Ronken, Event Coordinator, Stanwood, Wa.

“I still carry your album in my car and listen regularly. Still think that it is an amazing CD!”
–Spencer Jourdain, Executive Director, The 1420 Foundation, Orlando, FL

“Thank you for your beautiful concert – so much love and good energy comes through, that I’m sure it blessed not only those who attended, but our whole planet as well. Your love and dedication to life comes shining through your music.
It would be a blessing to have you back to play for our congregation. Blessings to you and all your work.”
–Sally Soufer, Events Coordinator, Unity in Ashland, Ashland, OR

“I’m eager to meet with you and hear you perform. I’ve just listened to IRV and am amazed at how you succeed in explaining the concept in such a skillful and fun way. I just have to agree with Pete Seeger!”
   –Bert Sacks, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Humanitarian, Activist

“Thank you so much for the CD. I listened to it several times and I loved it. Great job – what a way to educate people and raise environmental awareness.”
–Dr. Farouk Seif, University Professor of Design Systems, Co-Coordinator Navigating 
     Our Future Conference, Friday Harbor, Wa.

“We loved the concert, Sharon and Michael Thank you, so much, for your generosity, and your love and support. I was so glad to have you here and to be immersed in your wonderful music. We look forward to having you back in our community!”
   –Betty Ball, Director, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, Boulder, CO

“My sister uses your Seeking Sanctuary CD during her Yoga classes. So, I guess I am glad for making the connection. She recently remarried, and told me that during the reception. She is now expecting her second child. Guess I am connecting you females of a certain ilk and age bracket with each other. It shall rain here during this important vacation week in the White Mountains, continuing to convince people there is such a thing as global warming!! Keep up your good work.”
   –Dave Eastman, Author, Vietnam Veteran, New Hampshire

“I’ve just now had the good fortune to visit your web sites and I greatly enjoyed listening to Wild, Wild River. You’re wonderfully gifted and clearly driven by a strong social consciousness. Bravo. What a lovely voice, and I’m guessing that the excellent fiddle work on that cut is also of your own creation. My order for a copy of Seeking Sanctuary is pending [on PayPal] as I write this.”
–Will Seyffert, Filmmaker, California (stockelement.com)

“Wonderful record! We only just yesterday received your package, and already we’ve run through the disc twice.  As I expected, the kids are already hooked-in!  Great job, Sharon. Thanks for the lovely dedication, too — I’m humbled. Thanks again for your fantastic record!”
–Will Seyffert

“Hi you two! Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your singing this evening here on Bainbridge Island. You were so free and giving with your whole demeanor I just soaked you up. I was particularly taken by the peace movement song “Fear”.
–Stair Dickerman, Bainbridge Is., Wa.

“I really love your CD. It’s sooo relaxing, soothing, beautiful. You have a really delicate beautiful voice. I’m actually listening to it right now. It helps me concentrate and get creative work done; it helps quiet down the chatter in my head.  Thank you so much for sharing it. Some of the songs, I know. Some are new for me. Which is great. Make sure you let me know where your performance will be, it will be great to catch you live. Peace,”
–Suzy Yaako, Improvisational Actress, NYC

“Your music added a touch of real-world emotion to follow up with pieces on the Columbia disaster (“Truth”) and the story of two different women in a post-Race War future America (“Seeking Sanctuary”). You can also find last week’s Destinies (2/28/03), featuring “Truth,” currently in rotation at www.cosmiclandscapes.com (soon to be shifted to Cosmic Landscapes Redux).  In a day or so, this week’s show (33/7/03), featuring “Seeking Sanctuary,” will be in primary rotation.”
–Howard Margolin, “Destinies”, WUSB Radio, NY

“I am enjoying your CD – so much heart in the beauty of your voice.”
–River Malcolm, Poet, Eastsound, Wa.

“Thank you for the CD. I am very impressed with your music and Sharon’s voice is *fantastic*. I listened to the CD about 3 times and it has relaxed me and made me feel good and at peace. I definitely could benefit by listening to music like this more often. I hope to one day be able to listen to you guys live!”
–Fotios, Computer Expert, Greece

“I really love the cd. Your voice sounds wonderful. I’m not sure if your music falls into a specific genre. Perhaps it creates its own which I’ve been calling environmental folk rock. I have to admit that the melody which really stays with me is Calling the Salmon Home, and the image of these fish being lead up to their ancestral home by an Indian is very moving to me. I really love your first Taoist love song. I can hear the two of you smiling as you did it. The production is beautiful, and everyone plays so well.”
–Alan Orloff, Composer, Musician, Music Teacher, NY

“Your CD is absolutely wonderful!! Thank you so much. I have a wonderful picture of you from the convention in Boston – You were kind enough to sign my album “Keep your radiant spirit”. I’m interested in hearing more, will check out your website. Best Wishes for a wonderful life and career.”
   –Eileen McCready, Rocky River, Ohio